Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot eclipse tip of the day

In eclipse, when you hit F3 while your cursor is over some code in .java file, it will jump to its declaration. It's all good except in the case of an interface. For a method in interface, most of time you want to see its implementation not its declaration. There are few ways to work around this:

- Ctrl+mouse over the text will show options to jump to declaration or implementation.

- Ctrl+t will also show you options for both interface and its implementation.

First one requires me to use mouse, second one is not intuitive because I am used to hitting F3 to do similar operation. Ideally, you would like to see some combination of F3 doing its job. The Implementors plugin does exactly that. Now when I hit, ALT+F3 it goes directly to its implementation.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Some new kind of entertainment for your portal

Most of us like and love movies and we have some favourite stars and sometimes we even hang their posters. Even folks at prison get to do that; remember Rita Hayworth in Shaswshank Redemption. Now if you don't know who Rita Hayworth is and which movie I am talking about, you would probably google it and your search would more likely take you to IMDB or Wikipedia - yaaaawn ;-) Now imagine not having to do that and getting those information in your own portal. YE !!

Introducing Netflix portlet. Since picutures are worth thousand words, here are some screenshots with details of Shawshank Redemption. For a movie and TV series, the portlet currently shows its synopsis, cast, ratings, awards, poster if available.

For an actor, it shows his/her biography, filmography and of course a picture if available. Here is a screen shot of portlet with details of one of the actors I like.

Now some interesting details: Portlet consumes data using Netflix's webservices API hence to have this portlet running on your server you need to have proper key which you can get from Neflix's Dev page and when you start your server, you simply add -Dnetflix.consumer.key=blah -Dnetflix.consumer.secret=blahblah as JVM parameters. Portlet is based on JBoss Richfaces 3.3.3.Final, JBoss PortletBridge 2.0.0.Final and has been tested with GateIn Portal and JBoss Enteprise Portal Platform 5. The source code of this portlet can be downloaded from

Disclaimer: This portlet is not officially supported by JBoss, by Redhat.

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