Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What? You can tictactoe in GateIn Portal?

If you thought Portal was only about serious stuffs such as content aggregation, integration of different applications, out of box personalization and natural front end to SOA etc then think again. Using GateIn's gadgets, you already could import different cool gadgets say from Google to your dashboard and page. Now you can tic-tac-toe as well. Here is a screen shot from GateIn Portal for you i-dont-believe-until-i-see kinds.

And if you are i-want-to-checkout-code-and-try kind, you can do so from . It's tested with Richfaces 3.3.-SNAPSHOT, JBoss PortletBridge 2.0.0.CR1 and the latest and greatest GateIn Portal. By the way, this portlet works flawlessly on JBoss Portal 2.7 and Enterprise Portal Platform 4.3 as well.

If you have been following my blog, then last week I blogged about few Richfaces examples that my team members wrote. . It took a while to port tic-tac-toe to GateIn running with JBoss AS 5 because I ran into this nasty bug which has been fixed in Richface 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT and should be available in upcoming 3.3.3.GA release. Please watch this space for more cool portlets that are on the way.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Richfaces examples

We have created some new Richfaces examples for people to get started with. We had very simple goal in our mind when we created these example applications that the examples should be easy enough for people to understand and to see some most popular Richfaces components in use. We did not want to bore you all with yet another set of manuals. Instead there is a simple README if needed. All of these apps are tested with Richfaces 3.3.3.CR1 which has a partial support for JSF2. Richfaces 4.x series will have full JSF2 support.

Tic-Tac-Toe hardly needs an explanation and is the simplest of three examples. Please get the code from Pavol-Tictactoe-Code/ Here you see a4j:support and a4j:params in use with graphicImage and selectBooleanCheckbox and as well as examples of a4j:commandButton and Richfaces's Tab Panel, DataTable. This is JSF1.2 based and should run fine on both JBoss AS5 and Tomcat6.

Richrates converts Euros to about 30 foreign currencies and vice versa. The application gets data from European Central Bank on the fly. It is based on JSF2 and has been tested on JBoss AS6 M2 but it should run fine on Tomcat6 as well with proper jsf jars. Here you can see some JSF2 features in action such as bean annotation, implicit navigation. Richfaces components in use are Graph Validator, Calendar, Datagrid, Drag Indicator etc. Please see the code at Pavol-Richrates-Code/.

Ribber is Richfaces XMPP client. It is based on JSF2, Weld and Smack and has been tested on JBoss AS6 M2. Grab the code from Lukas-Ribber-Code Here you will see some JEE6 features in use such as javax.enterprise.event.*, javax.inject.* and Richfaces components in use are rich:tree, rich:jquery, rich:hotkey, rich:message, a4:push, a4j:poll. This app is quite cutting edge and if you have just started on CDI, this example will serve you well as well.

The complete credit for these apps goes to my team members Lukas Fryc and Pavol Pitonak. If you have any question, please free to join Richfaces User Forum.