Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vagaries of Nepali Politics

When Maoists became a cleaner winner of constituent assembly election of Nepal in 2008, I had written in my blog on what could have caused it. But at the same time I also felt sad that despite being clear winner, Maoists had hard time forming the government and getting the prime minister position. If a member from Maoists had not been a prime minister, it would have been a big slap on the whole election process.

Unfortunately and not surprisingly there is still no change in status quo as far as writing constitution goes but there is a change in government. And in most likely hood Mr. Madhav Nepal of UML is going to be prime minister. It's the same Nepal who lost both constituents from which he had filed his nominations. I have no insight into politics but should not prime minister be a candidate who has been elected by people? IMO, it's even a bigger slap on constituent assembly election process. What it shows definitely though that Nepali politicians do not learn from their mistakes. They have lots of fun forming government and then bringing it down. I don't have problem with UML leading the government and I don't have problem with Mr. Nepal as prime minister if he had been elected. In current situation, I wonder how Mr. Nepal's moral allows him to even think about being a prime minister?

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