Monday, March 28, 2011

Richfaces showcase on Cloudbees

To continue with my experiments with different PAAS providers, I took Run@Cloud provided by Cloudbees for a ride this time. Overall its web interface is very straightforward and intuitive and similar to what I mentioned about AWS Elastic Beanstalk . I was able to deploy Richfaces 4 Showcase application in couple of minutes and you can see in action at  Once your app is running, besides application logs, you can monitor different operational parameters such as system load, number of request, session etc as evident in following screen shot:

Keep in mind that I did not try its SDK  which allows you to deploy your webapp from command line on your local box.

I found it a bit odd that when you add a new application, the wizard asks you for app name only and not the actual deployable. The advantage of this approach is that you get a running URL immediately to which you can upload your .war. I would have merged these two steps into one.

I also would have liked to have a shell access to actual server as well as ability to specify different JVM parameters. May be it's a work in progress? ;-)

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