Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Integrating JBoss Admin iOS App with Apigee App Perf Monitoring Tool

Ever since I left JBoss/Red Hat last year to work on InstaOps, a start up that I co-founded, I have always wanted to stay connected not only with many life long friends that I have made at Red Hat but also with amazing technologies that are built over there. Along this line, I came across JBoss Admin iOS mobile app and wondered what if I could integrate this app with iOS SDK that we have built. The app is very well designed thanks to Christos (@cvasilak) and uses standard iOS frameworks so integration literally took less than 10 minutes. If I were a brand new user, the end to end integration would have probably taken 20 min most of which would have been time taken to sign up and download the SDK. ;-). Here is a screenshot of app running on Simulator:

You can see the code changes that I had to make to integrate our SDK on GitHub.  Changes are very minimal and in terms of new lines of code, it's literally 2 files (App Delegate header and impl) and less than 5 lines of code. Once I ran the app on Simulator, following are screenshots of what I could see in our dashboard:

  • Automagic Log Capture

  • Automagic Network Capture

The one network error you see on the chart is because I had not started AS7 before I started the app. 

If you like what you see and are into mobile App development, pls give it a shot.  It's free. Let me know your feedback (@prabhatjha). We currently have SDK for native Android and iOS apps.

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