Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saga of Lawn Mowers

My wife and I bought a house in November last year. We are slowly getting used to all chores that come with buying a house. Since we bought it towards the beginning of winter, I did not have to worry about mowing my lawn. Now that winter is already over and Texas summer has already announced its arrival, I need to start taking out weeds, mowing our lawn and watering it.

For mower, I tweeted and facebooked asking opinions of my friends. Not surprisingly, I got good feedbacks with both gas and electric motor getting equal and majority of votes and couple going for reel mower which I did not even know that it existed. A reel mower does not have an engine and it's run by your sweat and blood and that sounded promising to me. I finally got one on last Monday from Lowe's and it looks like it does its job well. Assembly required about 20 mins. I have 30 days to return it which means it has to pass my tests at least two more times and I hope that it lasts longer. Now let's come to the main point:

  • Having a gym membership and not been there for past 6 months -> Waste of Money
  • Buying a reel mower for $100 and cancelling gym membership -> Sweet and you do the math.
  • Buying a reel mower and enjoying the outdoor -> Very sweet
  • Buying a reel mower and doing tiny bits to help the environment -> Priceless

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mwringe said...

haha, awesome :)